Renkara Offices - Bonus Stone

After the retaining walls were finished and all of the stone was put up on the office walls and breezeway, there was still a lot of stone left, approximately 3 tons in total.

Some of the Oklahoma Hackett blend was left - approximately 2 full pallets - and one giant refuse pile in the front yard which had all of the unusable stone from the project.

One of the outdoor amenities we don’t have with this house is a fire pit. Given all of this leftover stone we have, we decided to keep it and repurpose it for a fire pit.


While the pallets were full of unused stone, we were also able to scavenge another two pallets worth of smaller stones, irregular shaped stones, and veneer stones from the refuse pile. While these might not work out for the main walls, they are quite suitable for a fire pit.


Rather than hire someone to build the fire pit, we’ve decided to take this on as a multi-weekend family project. There really isn’t much to building a fire pit and I’m always interested in new outdoor projects to work on. We have the perfect spot in the yard to build one - away from the house and in a circular area surrounded by large post oaks. Check back in about 3-4 months and we should be done.